Amy’s Amazing Adventures


Deep in the bowels of the universe, the forces of darkness began stirring. Throughout the thirty-nine planets, sixteen parallel universes, five alternate realities, and the space-time continuum in general, strange things began to happen: crops blighted, children took sick, and telemarketers began appearing everywhere in unusual numbers.

Due to the very nature of the space-time continuum, this was not observable as an historical event. However, generations had simultaneous nightmares of the reverberating screams of a man caught in mortal combat in a small, steaming South Asian jungle. He would emerge physically unscathed, but with hard eyes and a hatred against all those that had sacrificed him to the night… and the rabbits.



The Inspiration

Amy’s Amazing Adventures is a homage mash-up to the books of my teenage years which were an eclectic mix of the paperbacks from the ’80s which I devoured: romance (mostly Regency) and sci/fi/fan,and early 20th-century adventure fiction that I found in my elderly relatives’ bookcases like The Sheik (the book that inspired the movie with Valentino) and Princess Virginia. I set out to work in as many cliches and tropes as I possibly could and it just got sillier from there.  (The rabbits brought themselves into the story.)


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